10 Futuristic high-tech gadgets we look forward to in 2021 » Gadget Flow

10 Futuristic high-tech gadgets we look forward to in 2021 » Gadget Flow

You’ve got to love gadgets that are on the futuristic side. They push the boundaries of what’s possible and make our use of technology more seamless. There have been a ton of exciting hints about the tech to come this year, so we went ahead and rounded up our favorite futuristic tech gadgets we look forward to in 2021. Keep reading this blog post to see them.

When you were a kid, how did you imagine the future? If you’re like us, you probably envisioned things like flying cars and people wearing AR glasses every day. While flying cars aren’t exactly mainstream yet, the VR glasses are here. And plenty of other futuristic gadgets are on their way in 2021. If the rumors about the new iPhone 13 are correct, we could be looking at phones with a smaller notch. And the new HTC headsets coming up this week look like promising additions to VR gaming. So it’s with these products in mind that we’re highlighting our favorite futuristic high-tech gadgets that we look forward to in 2021.

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From a smart bathtub that surrounds you with full-spectrum lighting to a contactless payment ring that makes paying for your groceries more convenient, we’ve got a lot to look forward to this year. Let’s check out these futuristic gadgets coming our way in 2021.

1. A car music player that responds to your voice. It’s just what you want for easy access to news, music, and more while you drive.

One of our favorite futuristic high-tech gadgets we look forward to in 2021 is the Spotify Car Thing smart music player. It lets you listen to all of your favorite entertainment while you drive. And all you have to do is say, “Hey Spotify,” and ask for the song, album, or podcast you have in mind.

This gadget’s price is TBA. Read more about it on the official website.

2. A smart bike tire that doesn’t go flat. Yep, this tire has lightweight materials that keep its shape.

Riding a bike regularly requires a lot of maintenance, but not when they have the METL pneumatic smart bike tire. This bike tire keeps its shape and is an eco-friendly alternative to the typical bike tire.

This gadget’s price is TBA. Read more about it on the official website.

3. A pair of AR smart glasses gives you cheat sheet right on its lenses.

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 Platform, the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 AR Smart Viewer Reference Design makes it possible to see your data anywhere. They overlay digital information right into your field of vision, which is why it made our list of futuristic high-tech gadgets we’re looking forward to in 2021.

This gadget’s price is TBA. Read more about it on the official website.

4. An unfolding TV keeps your screen hidden until you want to watch.

With the C SEED M1 indoor unfolding TV, your TV can unfold like an envelope to reveal a 165-inch screen. It uses 4K MicroLED technology to reveal vibrant colors and high contrasts. The Adaptive Gap Calibration makes the screen completely seamless.

This product is coming soon and costs $400,000. You can learn more about it on the official website.

5. A remote wireless charging system lets you charge your phone by simply being in the same vicinity as the technology.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge in a video

In the future, you might not even have to touch your phone to a charger to give it more juice. The Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology allows you to charge your device within a radius of several meters. This futuristic high-tech gadget relies on spatial positioning and energy transmission.

This gadget’s price is TBA. Read more about it on the official website.

6. A portable projector comes in a cozy fabric and is the size of a coffee mug.

A futuristic high-tech gadget that’s also pretty adorable is the ASUS ZenBeam Latte L1 portable projector. It lets you take your movies and music with you anywhere. With 300 LED lumens of brightness, it projects at a range of 40 to 120 inches and comes with Bluetooth Harmon Kardon speakers.

This gadget’s price is TBA. Read more about it on the official website.

7. A smart bathtub diffuses aromatherapy scents because everyone wants to relax luxuriously sometimes.

The Kohler Stillness Bath smart bathtub takes tranquility to a whole new level. This incredible bath is inspired by Japanese forest bathing. It uses fog, light, sound, and aromatherapy to relax your senses.

This gadget is coming soon and will cost $6198.

8. A photography drone that can carry the Sony Alpha Camera System.

Sony Airpeak in a video

Have you ever wished you could just strap your camera to a drone? Well, now you can with the Sony Airpeak drone. Its size is small but it manages to hold an entire camera setup. This makes it great for professional photography and content creation.

This gadget’s price is TBA. Learn more about it on the official website.

9. A touchless video doorbell rings when a visitor approaches your door. So no, you don’t need to physically ring a doorbell anymore.

Alarm.com Touchless Video Doorbell
Alarm.com Touchless Doorbell on a door

The Alarm.com Touchless Video Doorbell is a pretty futuristic gadget. Its touchless tech rings your doorbell and sends you a notification on your phone when someone stands on your doormat. It also acts like a typical smart doorbell with HD video, two-way audio, and more.

This gadget’s price is TBA. Read more about it on the official website.

10. A handheld game cube takes your old Rubik’s to the digital age.

Get ready for a challenge with the WOWCube System handheld game. This electronic game has its own CPU, 24 high-resolution screens , and 8 autonomous modules. And with its open API and SDK, you can even create your own games.

Preorder it for $249 on the official website.

11. A bucket-shaped gaming PC warms your chicken wings if you get a snack-craving mid-game.

Cooler Master KFConsole bucket-shaped gaming PC
Cooler Master KFConsole open

Gaming can make you hungry. And that’s where the Cooler Master KFConsole bucket-shaped gaming PC comes in. This futuristic high-tech gadget is a PC with high-quality components—and it can also warm your chicken wings thanks to its warming tray that has room for two small wings.

This gadget’s price is TBA. Read more about it on the official website.

12. A contactless payment wearable makes checkout lines easier since you won’t have to look through your wallet for your card.

The McLEAR Ring contactless payment wearable is what you need for convenient payments. This wearable is stylish and draws its funding from your connected credit or debit card. Best of all, it’s waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about damaging it when you wash your hands.

This gadget is coming soon and will cost $124.97.

We hope you’re as excited about these cool futuristic gadgets as we are. Which one would you love to own? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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