15 gluten-free paleo casseroles to make this winter — A Balanced Belly

15 gluten-free paleo casseroles to make this winter — A Balanced Belly

Many people are interested in the Paleolithic diet because it offers many benefits that are not seen with other diets. These benefits include weight loss, cleaner eating, and more. Contrary to popular belief, the paleo diet is not about eating only meat. It’s about eating food that our ancestors would have eaten during the Paleolithic era, which includes meat as well as vegetables, fruit, eggs, nuts, and seeds.

The paleo diet is nothing new. Studies show that some of our hunter-gatherer ancestors were able to survive on this type of diet longer than on other types of diets due to its nutritional content and diversity. Whilst there isn’t much research, some do find the paleo diet helps their gut symptoms and IBD largely because it eliminates grains and processed food. I personally don’t follow this diet but know lots who do so have rounded up some amazing paleo casserole recipes from some amazing food bloggers.

Although some find red meat aggravates their symptoms, others can tolerate it well. Alternatively, it’s still possible to avoid red meat and eat the paleo diet; using chicken, fish, and vegetables as a replacement-some of these recipes use beef but others use chicken or veggies. Paleo is automatically gluten-free because it eliminates gluten and other grains too and sadly gluten-free favorite potato. It also excludes dairy so paleo recipes are gluten and dairy-free but can contain eggs. If you’re looking for some paleo casserole recipe inspiration, here’s some to try!

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