15 Natural Body Oils for the Glowiest Skin

15 Natural Body Oils for the Glowiest Skin

I love the glow the summer sun gives my skin. Well, at least now that I am an adult and comfortable in my deep brown skin. There was a time when I’d hide from the sun to avoid getting darker. But, these days, it’s all about basking in the summer sun with sun protection, of course, and using natural body oils to make my brown skin shine in strappy dresses and short shorts.

Body lotions and heavy creams are my go-to in the fall, winter, and even the spring because they keep the dry patches often induced by the dry Los Angeles air at bay. But, there is nothing like body oil to give you an “I just got back from a tropical vacation” vibe even if you haven’t left the 10-mile radius of your home. Now, you might be thinking body oils are a no-no because mixing oil with pretty dresses, show-stopping bikinis, and white summer suits sound like the potential for a big mess (and stained clothes).

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