22 Best Volumizing Hair Products That Make a Difference

22 Best Volumizing Hair Products That Make a Difference

It seems like I’ve tried so many so-called “volumizing” products throughout the years. Some worked a little bit, and some were just a waste of money and huge a disappointment. But it wasn’t until I stumbled upon R+Co’s Dallas shampoo that I found an everyday product that really brought more life to my hair. It’s by far the best volumizing shampoo I’ve used, and I’m the type of person to always get the volume-boosting version of any shampoo.

Although my hair does not rival Dolly Parton’s, it does feel and look thicker and fuller. When I run my hands through my strands, there’s a little bit more oomph to them. My hair doesn’t appear as limp and lifeless as it used to with other shampoos, even if I’ve just air-dried and left it alone. And I can tell it’s healthier, too, because my strands feel stronger and they look shinier.

The formula has volumizing ingredients like biotin to improve the keratin structure of the hair and saw palmetto berry extract (to add body). There’s also pro-vitamin B5 for hydration, and coconut oil for shine and anti-breakage protection. And it smells pretty good, too.

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