25 Travel Accessories You’ll Need in 2021

25 Travel Accessories You’ll Need in 2021

Like many among us (based on how busy the airport was), I just took my first flight in over a year, and it was something. Among the thoughts I had were: I can’t believe I used to ride in airplanes without a mask on, why is no one else wiping their seat down with a Clorox wipe, and I’ve never been on a flight with this little coughing. (Seriously, no one coughed.) While I digress a bit, the point I’m making is that things were different but also the same. I found that to also be the case when it came to what I packed for the trip.

Most of us are understandably rusty when it comes to packing for a trip these days. Not that I’ve ever been a very efficient packer, but I found it to be especially challenging this time, as I tried to remember the travel accessories I always need en route and what new-era items I’d need. Keep scrolling to shop my first-person list, now that I have a little more perspective than I did a week ago.

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