5 gluten-free sweet potato fodmap friendly dishes — A Balanced Belly

5 gluten-free sweet potato fodmap friendly dishes — A Balanced Belly

Today I’m sharing my favourite sweet potato fodmap friendly dishes. Sweet potato low fodmap recipes are a great way to add some fibre to your diet, whilst also getting some vitamin A and C!

In my experience, sweet potato are a great source of fibre whilst also being easy to digest.

Whilst sweet potato do contain fibre, they contain mainly soluble fibre which can be great for your gut; whether you have diarrhea or constipation.

Therefore, I often use them in my dishes and have found them a great alternative to regular potatoes for when I fancy a change.

Are sweet potatoes fodmap friendly?

Yes, a low fodmap sweet potato dish is great for those on the low FODMAP diet. 1/2 cup of sweet potatoes are considered safe and all these recipes have safe quantities, making them a great sweet potato fodmap friendly dinner idea.

Are sweet potatoes low fodmap AND residue?

The low residue diet doesn’t mean you can’t have any vegetables. Sweet potatoes, when well cooked and soft, are usually safe on the low residue diet. For more low residue recipes, click here.

Are sweet potatoes fodmap friendly and gluten free?

Yep as well being sweet potatoes being low fodmap they are are gluten free!

5 sweet potato FODMAP friendly dishes

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