5 Under-$100 Sandals You’ll Be Wearing All Summer

5 Under-$100 Sandals You’ll Be Wearing All Summer

Although I’m a little biased and prefer my fall boots as my favorite choice of footwear, I do have a special sweet spot for summer sandals, and there just happen to be top-tier options on the current market. From thong styles to platform heels, these aren’t your average slides or flip-flops. We wanted to take your summer footwear to the next level, so we dropped our very own collection at Nordstrom, which you can shop right now. We’re experts at trend-spotting, so you can trust the fact that the latest drop features shoes that are hitting all the style marks for the season. Plus, you’ll be happy to hear that they’re all under $100. 

Below, find the options below along with WWW’s favorite fashion girls taking them out for a spin. Your summer wardrobe will be thanking you.

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