6 New Summer Trends Fashion Editors Love

6 New Summer Trends Fashion Editors Love

Given our roles as fashion editors, we chat about trends a lot here at WWW. I recently covered the biggest color moments right now and one of the key shoe silhouettes of the season. I was curious about which trends my team is especially excited about. During a meeting, I vetted a range of new trends through my colleagues to uncover the standouts they think are really worth it.

While all of the trends I mentioned were certainly noteworthy in everyone’s eyes, there were six that really piqued everyone’s interest. The trends in question run the gamut, including everything from next-level basics to forward accessories.

I rounded up the trends below with a bit of styling inspiration. If something catches your eye, there are also shopping picks. You never know—there could be a new go-to summer staple with what’s coming your way.

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