7 Items Literally Every NYC Girl Is Wearing Right Now

7 Items Literally Every NYC Girl Is Wearing Right Now

New York City is already considered to be one of the world’s most stylish cities, but I think it’s important to point out that its inhabitants are also especially masterful at seasonal dressing. After all, they (actually we) have to figure out how to tackle beyond-freezing temperatures in the winter, high heat and humidity in the summer, and even transitional dressing for those fleeting moments in spring and fall when the weather is just perfect—all while walking around a lot.

That’s why, when I see that my fellow New Yorkers are all wearing different versions of the same thing (or, in today’s case, things), I feel compelled to share them with all our readers because I know they must not only be forward in fashion but functional too. So what pieces are all over the streets of NYC this summer? Just keep scrolling to see the pieces apart of the coolest outfits of the season, and of course, shop them below.

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