8 Timeless Wardrobe Items a Stylist Keeps in Her Closet

8 Timeless Wardrobe Items a Stylist Keeps in Her Closet

Developing your personal style is an intimate journey that can evolve over time. While everyone’s sartorial sensibilities are different and unique in their own right, it can sometimes be intriguing to learn more about how others define their style for inspiration. Today, we thought we’d learn more from Roz Kaur. She’s a stylist that has been working in the industry for years. She also happens to be 54-years-old. And, like us, believes that age has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear.

“Each of us women is unique and beautiful,” she said. “We each have a voice, a purpose, and a statement to make. I use style to express mine.” On that note, we thought we’d inquire more to hear about some of the pieces she cherishes to help create her forward aesthetic. “These functional, beautiful, and adaptable pieces make me feel comfortable, confident, and myself,” she explained.

Without further ado, keep scrolling to uncover the timeless items Kaur often wears the most in her wardrobe. If one of the general pieces catches your eye, you can also shop them for yourself.

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