8 Yellow Outfit Ideas That Are So Chic

8 Yellow Outfit Ideas That Are So Chic

A few years ago we couldn’t escape the grips of millennial pink (actually we still can’t shake its grasp), but there’s a new color on the scene that’s really winning the season in all its glory. You may have heard of it as Gen-Z yellow, or stick of butter, but it’s a quieter and more subdued take on the eternally optimistic shade of yellow. Paler than something like saffron or neon, this type of yellow is a more wearable foray into the world of non-neutrals if you’re looking to dip your feet into color

Lately, my Instagram feed has been flooding with the hue, and might I say I’m also won over. Bottega Veneta recently incorporated the shade into its palette for the brand’s current collection (and just about anything Bottega Veneta does right now is instantly embraced by the fashion set, so there’s your endorsement). Lucky for you, shelling out big bucks for designer accessories isn’t the only way to get in on one of the season’s trending colors, so I’m outlining all the ways to wear Gen-Z yellow for slightly less. Keep scrolling to see how the fashion crowd is wearing the shade and shop the key pieces. 

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