A Countdown (Part 4) |

A Countdown (Part 4) |

The end of the year is in sight, and so is the grand finale of our countdown! Check out members’ most-watched videos of 2021.

top 21 artist videos of 2021

This week’s top-watched videos leave no question which medium our members love most: WATERCOLOR. If you haven’t fallen in love with its magic yet, these popular videos may change that.

You’ll learn from two world-renowned watercolor artists and instructors: Thomas Schaller and Jean Haines. Discover city lights and watercolor essentials with Thomas Schaller, an award-winning watercolor master whose work is collected around the globe and is part of a number of permanent collections. Then, see why painters can’t get enough of Jean Haines, a celebrated author and artist whose workshops are some of the most sought-after in the world.

The only question left is…which video will take the #1 spot? We’ll find out next Friday when our countdown concludes. Share your guesses in the comments below!

6: Capturing Light in Watercolor: How to Paint Cities with Thomas Schaller

Paint street scenes that shimmer with life and energy!

Learn how to simplify a complex composition down into shapes and three values: lights, midtones, and darks. Instructor Thomas Schaller shows you how to create a preliminary sketch that distills the painting down to essentials, which you’ll use as a blueprint for the final painting. Using complementary colors, you’ll work light to dark to establish the focal points, add figures, and create a sense of architecture. Finally, you’ll add the darkest darks and tie it all together with finishing touches.

Why Members Loved It

“Thomas explains how to keep the paint moving on the paper, which creates lots of energy and interest in the work. As an instructor I found Thomas to be engaging and informative, with a refreshing philosophical approach to painting.”

Tina B.

5: Expressive Birds with Jean Haines

Paint birds in a free, atmospheric style—no sketching required!

First you’ll paint a hummingbird, starting with the eye and using simple measuring techniques to move outward, capturing this tiny bird’s luminous color and fascinating sense of movement. Next, you’ll go step-by-step through the process of painting an owl. From keeping your brushstrokes as light as a whisper to sculpting with water, harnessing puddles, and using creative color, you’ll discover tips and tricks useful for all your watercolor work!

Why Members Loved It

“I love Jean Haines and the way she teaches how to paint is very thought-provoking. She shows us that what is not there is just as if not more important than what is there. She also explains that we should educate ourselves on the subject we are painting.”

—Lucy T.

4: Atmospheric Flowers with Jean Haines

Explore the magic of watercolor with beautiful color fusions

Learn how to find the perfect colors to use when painting flowers—without wasting paint. Fan favorite Jean Haines takes you step-by-step through two full-sized watercolor demonstrations. Paint translucent roses and learn about sculpting with water, connecting flowers and stems, and adding foliage along the way. Then, push yourself with a bold sunflower painting, experimenting with color, texture, and abstract effects as you bring this classic subject to vibrant life!

Why Members Loved It

“Absolutely magical!! I learned so much from the wonderful content and felt so much joy both watching and then trying the different methods on my own paintings.”

Patricia R.

3: Watercolor Workout with Jean Haines

Loosen up and explore new and interesting techniques!

Not addicted to watercolor yet? You’re about to get hooked! With Jean’s enjoyable and easy-to-follow painting process, you’ll see your watercolor painting skills improve as you paint lively subjects while having fun and breaking out of your normal painting routine. You’ll start with warm-up exercises to stretch your imagination and create fanciful compositions perfect for future paintings. Explore different texture effects and spontaneous color combinations, then follow along to build up a painting from start to finish using color mingling techniques, brushwork manipulation, and other playful watercolor approaches.

Why Members Love It

“One of her best . . . . excellent examples of how to develop a painting from the beautiful washes.”

—Cathy J.

2: Watercolor Essentials with Thomas Schaller

15 essential lessons for expressive watercolor painting!

No matter what your skill level, you’ll love following along as Thomas distills his years of experience down into these straightforward and approachable watercolor painting exercises. You’ll start with an overview of Thomas’s favorite materials before moving on to techniques and strategies to help you through the entire painting process, from choosing what to paint and designing a composition to working with gravity, harnessing edges, and layering values. Finally, Thomas demonstrates his tips for painting common subjects including skies, trees, water, and figures.

Why Members Love It

“A good course for the basics, covering a little bit of everything in using watercolors to paint a picture.”

Arlene C.

Next week, we’ll wrap up our countdown and reveal the #1 most-watched member video. Any guesses? Share in the comments!

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