A new addition to the climate DOOM lexicon – Watts Up With That?

A new addition to the climate DOOM lexicon – Watts Up With That?

Down under in Australia, there’s this “Leader of the Australian Greens” wannabe politician by the name of Adam Bandt. He’s got his panties in a twist over the the now debunked “Exxon Knew” campaign started by Bill McKibben and his cohorts at the secret meeting in La Jolla California years ago where they brainstormed how to take down those evil fossil fuel suppliers.

By himself, Bandt is no more remarkable than other other off-the-rails climate zealot that has a trademark van dyke beard like Michael Mann and Gavin Schmidt, but he did introduce a new phrase into the climate doom lexicon that made me laugh.

Yes folks, “climate collapse” is now a thing.

When the whole atmosphere collapses… that’s going to leave a mark, um, right??

We can add this latest inanity to the list of panic driven descriptors that the left and greens like to use.

It’s just as bogus as the other names, but we thank uber-alarmist Adam Bandt for giving us all a good laugh.


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