Andrew Dessler’s Self-citing Consensus – Watts Up With That?

Andrew Dessler’s Self-citing Consensus – Watts Up With That?

Andrew Dessler
Andrew Dessler with a deer-in-the-headlights look when spotting Anthony Watts at AGU in 2018.

I don’t have a major social media presence. I’ve never even filled out my Twitter profile. One of the the people I try to occasionally engage is journalist and writer Andrew Revkin @Revkin.

I believe Andrew is honest and attempts to be objective but is trapped in a cognitive bubble and can’t even imagine the credibility flaws in the ideologically compromised institutions, in which he puts his blind faith. He is unable to perceive the real epistemological crisis occurring. I haven’t been particularly effective at reaching him as I tend to be Moshesque ala metaphors and brusqueness.

We recently had this exchange.

I started to reach Andrew using a cartoon from @CrustaceanSngls.

The reaction from Andrew was quite encouraging. I hoped he would connect the dots.

Then who burst onto the scene but activist Mini-Mann, Andrew Dessler. He very sanctimoniously poo-pooed this heretic questioning of expertise.

I don’t believe Andrew was expecting this sort of reply.

Another Twitter user jumped in.

Andrew Watts

There’s lots of Andrew Dessler’s embarrassments at the above link.

Andrew replied as did I, but I did not wish a long drawn out thread. I generally don’t.

So, to sum it up, in 1995, Dessler made a prediction. In 2011, the weather briefly aligned with his prediction. In my opinion he did a premature end zone dance and felt on top of the world. For the last ten years, again in my opinion, he likely is getting more and more bitter about Nature suggesting, leaning to, proving his predictions foolish.

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