Antwerp awards contract to operate the city’s bus shelters

Antwerp awards contract to operate the city’s bus shelters

The city of Antwerp has awarded a contract for advertising bus shelters to JCDecaux’s Belgian subsidiary which will involve installing smart technologies, green roofs and solar panels in the digital medium.


Belgium’s second-largest city, with 540,000 inhabitants Antwerp, is also Europe’s second-largest port, and the world’s second-largest petrochemical hub. The capital of Antwerp Province also has major assets in tourism and a booming high-tech sector.


Real-time messaging


The 10-year contract covers the installation, upkeep, maintenance, and operation of 940 advertising bus shelters across all nine districts in Antwerp. Digital screens will also be installed on bus shelters in strategic locations across the city, providing contextualised, location-based and real-time messaging.


The screens will display a mix of local city information and advertising, supporting local people in their day-to-day lives while offering cities and advertisers flexibility, responsiveness and a powerful platform for communication, according to JCDecaux.


The new street furniture was designed by the renowned architect Norman Foster. It is based on strong environmental values, optimising energy performance while ensuring sustainable operations throughout the contract, the outdoor advertising company reports.

“The new bus shelters are important in improving modal distribution in Antwerp: fewer journeys by car and more journeys using public transport and shared mobility”

Powered by green electricity, the energy consumption of the furniture will be reduced by 50 per cent. The choice of corrosion-resistant and recyclable materials, such as steel, aluminium and glass, will ensure the long-term quality of the street furniture.

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