Australia coronavirus live: Victoria records six new Covid cases as lockdown extension expected, NSW on alert | Australia news

Australia coronavirus live: Victoria records six new Covid cases as lockdown extension expected, NSW on alert | Australia news

We start today with NSW authorities worried about potential for Covid to have spread, after a Melbourne traveller was potentially infectious while on holiday.

NSW Health


NSW Health has been advised by the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services that a confirmed case of COVID-19 from Melbourne was in Jervis Bay, Goulburn, Hyams Beach and Vincentia while potentially infectious on 23 and 24 May.

June 1, 2021

The reason for the worry is because of the highly contagious nature of this variant of Covid. Victorian authorities have spoken about how they are seeing more stranger to stranger transmission with this variant. It’s not just spending time with people which can spread the virus, it could be passing them in a small store. Hence the worry. We’ll be keeping an eye on that today, and will bring you all the Victorian news as we wait to see whether or not the lockdown will be lifted.

Unfortunately, it’s not looking overly positive at the moment, with all signs pointing to the lockdown being extended beyond Thursday. There are still a lot of primary and secondary contacts in isolation and the list of exposure sites sits at more than 500.

We’ll bring you the news as soon as we know for sure.

Parliament and estimates continues today as well. Richard Colbeck, the aged care minister, didn’t have the best day yesterday, as he struggled to answer simple questions like ‘who is responsible for vaccinating aged care workers’.

Then there was some friendly fire, with Amanda Stoker, a Liberal senator, questioning James McGrath, also a Liberal senator, over what questions he was allowing as chair of the committee. McGrath beat Stoker to the number one spot on the Queensland ticket, leaving Stoker at number three (winnable, but not guaranteed).

Amy Remeikis

Please enjoy this clip of Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker questioning Liberal chair James McGrath about what questions he is allowing, much to the amusement of Labor senators (McGrath beat Stoker to the number one senate ticket spot recently)

(Reposted due to typo)

June 1, 2021

We’ll bring you all the day’s events. You have Mike Bowers with you as always, taking you into the parliament, with Katharine Murphy, Paul Karp, Daniel Hurst and Sarah Martin keeping you updated on what’s happening around parliament. It being a sitting day, you’ll have Amy Remeikis on the blog for most of the day.

I just had chocolate cake for breakfast so it’s going to be great.


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