BP data – Watts Up With That?

BP data – Watts Up With That?

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Every summer BP publish their statistical review of world energy.


One element of their comprehensive set of spreadsheets is a table of CO2 emissions country by country since 1965.  For the purposes of this post, the CO2 emissions data provided by BP here is assumed to be valid.

The 2020 dataset takes begins to account for the effect of the COVID epidemic, its impact on Global economic activity and the outcome for Man-made CO2 emissions in that year.

The progress of the proportions of CO2 emissions since 1965 is shown above, with the  Developed world now being responsible for about 35% of Man-made CO2 emissions as opposed to as much as 86% back in 1965.

The BP country by country data is aggregated here into seven Nation groups according to their nominal state of development and attitudes towards controlling CO2 emissions, as follows:

  • Developed
    • USA
    • JP CIS CA AU
    • EU (28) inc UK
  • Nominally Developing
    • China HK
    • India
    • Rest of World (~160 Nations)

The aggregate data of CO2 emissions growth and change is summarised from 1965 onwards are shown above.  The marked differential between the Developed and nominally Developing worlds is shown below.

The 2020 version of the CO2 emissions data shows:

  • the recent radical effect of the COVID restrictions in 2020, particularly as they affect Western nations
  • the Covid effect slowed CO2 emissions from the “Developing” world, except for relatively marginal growth of Man-made CO2 emissions from China in 2020.
  • the virtual stabilisation of world emissions between 2012 – 2018.
  • the continuing diminution of CO2 emissions from the Developed world from 2005 onwards.
  • the growth of CO2 emissions throughout China, India and the Developing world is likely to resume from 2021 and onwards.

For the earlier post reporting the status of Man-made CO2 emissions as of 2019, see:

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