Calipso ceiling light by Neil Poulton for Artemide

Calipso ceiling light by Neil Poulton for Artemide

Dezeen Showroom: Paris-based product designer Neil Poulton has created a ceiling light with a honeycomb effect for Italian lighting manufacturer Artemide.

The traditional ceiling light is given a new twist for Calipso Linear, a lighting design made up of geometric tubes.

Light shines through small circles of varying diameters, which are arranged side by side to create a “honeycomb” effect along its length.

The white Calipso Linear light
Top: different configurations of Calipso Linear lights. Above: a honeycomb effect is created by different-sized circles

“This honeycomb pattern in an elongated shape adds visual interest and comfort with a soft light to an otherwise traditionally shaped fixture,” Artemide told Dezeen.

The honeycomb grill was created by inserting a photo of the moon into an image-based algorithm on a computer. A shell was then placed over a thermo-formed screen to hide the LED circuit while maintaining its distinctive “dot effect”.

Two Calipso lights of different lengths on a blue background
The light comes in a range of sizes that can be attached together

Calipso Linear can be used in both workplaces and homes thanks to its even and comfortable light emission.

“Calipso is suited to a variety of applications expressing Artemide’s traditional approach to deliver high performance lighting with a unique and emotional expressiveness,” the brand said.

A Calipso light hanging above an office desk
The light is suitable for offices as well as homes

Straight parts of Calipso Linear can be added together to create a longer light. Alternatively, a joint can connect two Calipso lights at a 90-degree angle. This functionality allows users to create multiple shapes.

Product: Calipso
Designer: Neil Poulton
Brand: Artemide
Contact: USA [email protected] CANADA: [email protected]

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