Cannon Mountain Looking to Either Renovate or Replace Their Aeriel Tramway

Cannon Mountain Looking to Either Renovate or Replace Their Aeriel Tramway


Skiing at Cannon Mountain, NH

Will the tramway at Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire be modified, or will a replacement be coming to one of the most iconic lifts in the country? On July 16’th, Cannon Mountain General Manager John Devivo met with the governor (Chris Sununu), Executive Council, and Cannon Mountain Advisory Commission to express concern over the tram’s longevity due to its various mechanical needs. Cannon Mountain is a part of Franconia Notch State Park, and the land is leased away from the state. Every change at the mountain needs to be reviewed and approved by the state. With federal funds being ample at the moment, if a big change is wanted, now would be the time to act.

The Union Leader reports that two options are being considered:

  • A complete refurbishment would cost between ten to fifteen million dollars. The tram cars would be replaced and capacity would be increased in the cabins from eighty to a hundred people. Other replacements to the lift parts would include the “hanger arms, carriage trolleys, electromechanical components, and the motor and braking systems.” This would let the tram last for an additional twenty years.
  • A replacement of the lift. This option would be in the twenty to thirty million dollar range. No specifics have been given on what kind of lift this would be, but a ballpark guess would be a new tram, or a gondola with more cabins than the current aerial tram to reduce the wait time, but not as many cabins as gondolas at mountains like Killington or Bretton Woods. This new lift would last for between forty to fifty years.

What would you like to see happen to Cannon’s Aeriel Tram?

Cannon Mountain Advisory Commission

Image Credits: Unsplash,, Cannon Mountain

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