Chargers compare their 2021 opponents to Pop-Tarts

Chargers compare their 2021 opponents to Pop-Tarts

These flavors? Fine. The Chargers fake flavors? No bueno.

These flavors? Fine. The Chargers fake flavors? No bueno.
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If the Chargers’ late-game meltdowns and greedy move from San Diego make you want to grab the Pepto-Bismol, you may need another bottle before scrolling through the team’s Twitter feed.

The NFL schedule is supposed to be released tonight at 8pm eastern. But the league has been leaking matchups out all day. Hell, week one’s slate, London games, and the turkey bowls have already been announced.

So what can individual teams do to keep their fans intrigued? How can they hold your attention till 8pm, and probably after? How can they get media gasbags, like your’s truly, to cover their social media content online?


Yes, that breakfast treat you love… or hate (why?)… or, at least, know something about.

What do Pop-Tarts have to do with football? Absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. But the social media folks over in LA came up with the idea to compare the teams 2021 opponents to Pop Tarts.

The idea? Hilarious.

The flavors? Horrific.

Let’s start with the baked bean Browns.

How about some good ole Texas meat?

Week one worms in Washington.

Oh no. Ranch.

And don’t forget the division rival Chiefs. They get the Patrick Mahomes special.

The rest of the AFC West includes dead leaves and Axe body spray.

A special shout out goes to the Dallas Cowboys, who are the only knock off Pop-Tart on the schedule.

Ok, that one is hysterical.

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