China Claims Global Climate Leadership, Slams US Republicans for Obstruction – Watts Up With That?

China Claims Global Climate Leadership, Slams US Republicans for Obstruction – Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Global Times, a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, has criticised US Republicans for obstructing President Biden’s support for Chinese climate leadership.

China becomes a leader in global war against climate change

By Wen Sheng Published: Jul 25, 2021 03:24 PM

China unveiled last week a maglev transportation system capable of supporting train routes which can run at 600 kilometers per hour, the fastest ground vehicle in the world to date. Using electro-magnetic force, the country’s self-developed maglev train would be able to shorten a travel between Beijing and Shanghai to just 2 hours. 

The system belongs to a great technology and engineering breakthrough which, together with China’s 40,000-kilometer-long high-speed railways crisscrossing the country, will significantly reduce air flights and long-distance auto driving – drastically cutting fossil fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions, key targets in the battle against climate change. 

It’s time for all nations on this globe to get serious in mounting collective efforts to fight worsening climate catastrophe. The world did little during the past four years of former US president Donald Trump, whose administration refutes Earth’s atmospheric change calling it a conspiracy, although severe weather is causing an estimated $100 billion in economic damage to the US every year. Trump was more interested in fighting trade and technology wars than fighting a war to alleviate the world’s climate crisis. 

The current Biden administration has vowed to do more than Trump, but his climate agenda and spending agenda is being obstructed at US Congress by the Republicans. Whether his much heralded $1.2 trillion infrastructure and climate bill could win the support of the legislators, remains uncertain after two months of debating and filibustering. 

In summary, China has been a global leader in fighting global climate crisis, which is posing increasing and imminent danger to Earth’s atmospheric security, biodiversity, and the very survival of our humankind. The world ought to take even bolder moves to arrest a continuous deterioration of climate change, while dragging feet will only cause more atmospheric ruins and human deaths. 

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Why the sudden Chinese interest in climate change?

China has suffered two years running of severe flooding, so the leadership may be switching from arresting climate protesters, to viewing climate change as a convenient cover for their shoddy dam construction, and failed promises that all those expensive dams would help control flooding. For example, the following is a video of the disaster currently hitting Eastern China, a followup from the ongoing flood disaster in central China.

The benefit for the CCP blaming US Republicans for Chinese problems is people in China and some people in the USA might actually believe them; if the US mainstream media sides with China on this issue, it could bolster the CCPs increasingly tenuous credibility.


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