City Lake Apartment // 27.9

City Lake Apartment // 27.9


Text description provided by the architects.

Renovation of a dim 3-and-a-half-bedroom mezzanine level apartment located in a 60s apartment building within a close proximity to a city lake in a broader center of Bratislava. Nowadays a rather customary cleaning up of the crammed-up layout into structural elements allowed to redefine the proportion, flow and space arrangement into bigger functional zones according to the intensity of their use.

Interconnection of the living room together with the kitchen and dining room unfolded the day living area allowing the young family for a quality time spent together indoors. The construction adjustments fully open up the layout along two main axes, strengthen the continuity of the space and illuminate the interior.

The rough structural base contrasts with the precise joinery. The aim to open up vistas across the entire floorplan allows to use the full potential of the double exposure layout with windows at the level of the adjacent greenery. The entrance area thereby gains a view out and across the flat led along the exposed structural element.

A glass transom created by the painter Zofia Dubova illuminates the area even in case of a closed bedroom door. Daylight from the kitchen window reaches the bathroom through translucent glass blocks without violating the intimacy. A pale natural color palette brightened up by an earthy terracotta complements the loose atmosphere of the household along with the sunsets above the lively lake.

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