Crowdsourced Cures – Ted Talk from Jini’s Brother!

Crowdsourced Cures – Ted Talk from Jini’s Brother!

In my book, Listen To Your Gut, I write about how I come from a family of doctors and pharmacists – well here’s one of those doctors, my older brother, Millan Patel MD, whom I love dearly.

Now you might think Millan and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but if you listen to his talk, you’ll be struck by the similarities between our approach:

When I published the 1st Edition of Listen To Your Gut in 2000, did I have any inkling that 20 years later over 125,000 people would have used my protocols in their healing journey? Nope!

And speaking of small ideas and the power of a crowd… when I first invented Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol to eradicate gut infection and heal dysbiosis, I threw that protocol out to 500 of you for testing first. Based on your feedback, I tweaked it to achieve maximum potency and then published it in a book. That, right there, is the incredible healing power of a crowd!

Currently, we have people testing my Intestinal StrictureHeal and Rectal StrictureHeal protocols. In Millan’s line of work they’re able to set up controlled trials – this means they have a fair degree of control over how treatments are administered. With my readers, there’s no control and what we found from the StrictureHeal results survey is that almost every tester altered the protocol in some way.

However, the super interesting thing to me is that even when a tester didn’t achieve a significant positive response from the protocol, every single one of them said they would recommend the protocol to others! I have no idea why… perhaps the process of testing and learning to listen to your body’s signals is empowering? Perhaps even minimal results are worth the effort? Who knows!

Another really cool treatment protocol the LTYG community has been a part of are the controlled trials for Qu Biologics novel treatment for Crohn’s Disease – using dead bacteria to activate the immune response. Although this is a “drug” trial, the treatment is actually natural and the head doctor has been involved in integrative cancer treatment for decades. The head scientist studied at the feet of her Medicine Woman grandmother for over 10 years.

Perhaps we are finally evolving into wholistic treatment! Where corrupt, profit-driven medicine is being shouldered aside for true healing medicine – treatments that benefit the whole body. Not just suppressing symptoms with huge collateral damage to pay.

As my brother Millan says in the video – each of us holds ideas and wisdom and the potential to initiate or contribute to a product or protocol that relieves the suffering of many. Listen to your intuition, pay attention to the signs and signals your body is giving you – allow your body wisdom to speak.

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