David Moyes: West Ham manager advocates unified British league in wake of Super League debacle | Football News

David Moyes: West Ham manager advocates unified British league in wake of Super League debacle | Football News

David Moyes joined the chorus of disdain towards the failed breakaway European Super League and called for a unified British competition instead.

In the week in which England’s ‘big six’ clubs were forced into a U-turn after agreeing to join the new tournament, reports once again surfaced that Scotland’s ‘big two’, Rangers and Celtic, could end up south of the border.

West Ham boss Moyes would take things further, calling for a second Premier League and a pathway for more Scottish clubs to join.

The Scot, who said he was “really disappointed” with Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham for their involvement in the ill-fated ESL, added: “I think reform is needed.


West Ham manager David Moyes says supporters have been a credit to their clubs after they stood united in their response to European Super League plans

“Change is needed in some way. I think the Premier League has a brilliant product, I really do, but at the top clubs you’re talking about too many games, so could we have Premier League I and Premier League II?

“Could we have a situation where we do invite Rangers and Celtic to Premier League II? Why can we not unite the UK? Why do we have to be England and Scotland and not unite it?

“Why can it not be a pyramid that allows teams in the Scottish leagues to get into Premier League II? In fact, I think actually more money would filter down if Rangers and Celtic could be given an opportunity to come in.

“Why can we not unite the UK? We are in Brexit now, we have our country, so why not? Rangers and Celtic would only enhance what is happening in England.

Patrick Bamford hit out at the European Super League concept following Leeds' 1-1 draw with Liverpool


David Moyes has praised Patrick Bamford for highlighting inaction on racism amid the severe backlash caused by the failed European Super League project

“Why not try and make what we have got something new and maybe take a few less teams, maybe two out of the Premier League and put in Premier League II, and we have a few extra weeks.

“The big clubs have got such a big programme, and I can only see with the new programmes them getting so many more games, and it is getting too tough to play too many games.”

PL clubs want Super League instigators to lose their jobs

The officials at the six clubs who plotted the European Super League breakaway should be removed from their jobs, according to the other Premier League clubs.

The 14 teams not involved are calling on the owners of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham to “do the right thing” because they will never be able to trust or deal with their executives again.

The proposed breakaway European Super League has collapsed
The proposed breakaway European Super League has collapsed

Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has already resigned and the other clubs want more heads to roll because lines have not just been crossed, “but trampled all over”.

“We had been told repeatedly that they weren’t setting up a Super League so after what’s happened this week, we simply can’t deal with these people again,” one chief executive told Sky Sports News.

“The owners of these six clubs need to find new people to represent them at Premier League meetings. They have to be replaced. Some of these people have more faces than the town clock.

“We all disagree (on things) and we all look after our own interests but there are certain lines which can’t be crossed and so many lines have been trampled all over this week.”

The Premier League are expected to take action against them after they have finished investigating the events that led to the aborted plans, which have shaken the football world to its core.

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