Don’t count the Phoenix Suns out against L.A. Lakers just yet

Don’t count the Phoenix Suns out against L.A. Lakers just yet

It’s hot in Phoenix, yes, but chill out.

It’s hot in Phoenix, yes, but chill out.
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Why is everyone so quick to toss the Phoenix Suns out with the trash?

They are in a 1-1 series with the defending champs, who have two of the top five best players in the league, and it’s an even series going into Game 3.

This Phoenix team had the second-best record in the league for a reason — they are nothing to play with. All this talk about Phoenix being done, and basically anointing the Lakers as repeating champs based on a tied first-round series, is just laughable.

Now, Anthony Davis showed out in Game 2 with 34 points and 10 rebounds while shooting 18/21 from the foul line. Dennis Schroder dropped 24 last night and had arguably his best game for the Lakers all season. LeBron James hit multiple clutch shots all night.

Despite ALL of that, Game 2 was tied at 86 with 6 minutes left in the game. If only a couple of possessions go Phoenix’s way, there is a completely different narrative being spewed today.

Did I mention that the Suns were tied in the fourth without getting virtually anything from an injured Chris Paul? Unless you’ve forgotten, he’s pretty good.

Yet, despite all of that adversity on Tuesday night, the Suns still gave themselves a chance to win the game, even knowing the Lakers were going to hit them with one of their best shots. If I’m a Suns fan, I’m still feeling pretty good about our chances.

Is Schroder going to give you 24 every night? Unlikely. Is Davis going to get to the free throw line 21 times, three more times in this series? Probably not. And is Devin Booker only going to take 17 shots all game again knowing he’s down a playmaker for the time being? I don’t think so.

And who knows? Maybe Paul can get treatment and be more effective in the crucial games later in the series. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the Suns cook something special up for the champs in Game 3 or 4. This series will be long and hard-fought — buckle up, ’cause we are far from finished here.

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