“Don’t Touch My Crown” by Photographer Oji Haynes

“Don’t Touch My Crown” by Photographer Oji Haynes

Brooklyn-based image-maker and director Oji Haynes’ first personal project, “Don’t Touch My Crown,” was inspired by the Black women in his family who use their hair as a form of self-expression. Like much of his Hines’ work, the series centers the Black figure at the heart of his frame, painting his subjects in a tender and intimate light. 

A Black woman’s hair is a reflection of their spirit and how they choose to express themselves freely within the world,” Haynes explains. “Throughout history, the Black woman’s hair has been used as a tool for rebellion against white beauty standards. A black woman should not be judged nor scrutinized on the expression of their hair. Their hair should not be the center of amusement. It is their crown and is a part of their body therefore should not be touched.”

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