E-bike provider launches reward programme for sustainable travel

E-bike provider launches reward programme for sustainable travel

London’s green shared e-bike provider, HumanForest, has introduced a loyalty programme which rewards users for moving sustainably around the UK capital.


The scheme allows users to earn TreeCoins based on the distance they ride with HumanForest. TreeCoins can then be exchanged for extra free minutes riding on its e-bikes.


Extra free riding


The concept is based on the idea that riding one mile on a HumanForest e-bike prevents the same amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere that one average sized tree captures in one day. For every five miles a user rides (and five trees of CO2 saved), users earn one TreeCoin. One TreeCoin equates to one minute extra free riding for a user.


By introducing the loyalty programme, HumanForest is hoping to demonstrate that making sustainable lifestyle choices does not need to come at a price. Instead, by choosing to move around our city in low carbon ways, both people and the planet can benefit.

“TreeCoins are not just a reward for HumanForest users, they are a form of education. We want every Londoner to know the positive impact they can have on our city”

HumanForest worked with European gamification software provider, StriveCloud, to realise the TreeCoin idea. Both HumanForest and StriveCloud share the view that gamification can be a powerful tool for encouraging more environmentally minded consumer behaviour and, over time, help to create a more sustainable future for all.


To celebrate its launch, HumanForest is offering its community of 35,000 users 10 free TreeCoins within its app. It projected it will issue more than 10,000 TreeCoins this December.

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