Eighteen-Wheeler Trucks Continue To Get Stuck In Smugglers Notch

Eighteen-Wheeler Trucks Continue To Get Stuck In Smugglers Notch

Cambridge, Vermont

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Another semi-truck has gotten stuck on Notch Road, the narrow and sinuous Route 108 that connects the Smugglers’ Notch ski resort with Stowe Mountain Resort in Northern Vermont. This gorgeous road travels through some stunning overlooks, unbelievable tree skiing, and you might even catch a glimpse of a big rig lodged between some rocks.

According to an article in the Vermont Digger Joe Flynn, Vermont Secretary of Transportation noted that 92 trucks have gotten stuck in the Notch since 2009. Despite multiple signs advising truck drivers that 18-wheelers cannot pass through the narrow notch. This breaks down to approximately 8-trucks per year get stuck on this section of highway.

It is easy to find some humor in the situation. Perhaps it is the “pedal-to-the-metal” trucker attitude that persuades these drivers to try and send the un-sendable. Maybe the stunning views in this popular tourist area lure the truck driver’s eyes away from the many warning signs. Either way, it is hard not to find this the slightest bit amusing. These are low-speed incidents where injuries are rare.

On the flip side, this wouldn’t quite be so funny if you couldn’t get to work or home to your family because a truck driver decided to get a little gnarly.

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