EZee Integrates Its Channel Manager Solution with WINCLOUD PMS and WINHMS

EZee Integrates Its Channel Manager Solution with WINCLOUD PMS and WINHMS

This integration is a stepping stone for eZee to facilitate maximum hoteliers worldwide through its modern technology.

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EZee Integrates Its Channel Manager Solution with WINCLOUD PMS and WINHMS

eZee Technosys;

eZee Technosys (hereinafter ‘eZee’), the global #2 full suite hospitality tech provider, recently integrated its channel manager software, eZee Centrix with one of the oldest players in the industry, WINHMS and WINCLOUD PMS, the desktop and cloud hotel solutions respectively.

WINHMS, founded in the year 2001, combines over a decade of industry expertise with its technology to provide cutting-edge solutions. The company focuses on streamlining operations of hoteliers through its PMS that helps hoteliers deliver ultimate customer growth and satisfaction.

The integration of WINHMS and WINCLOUD PMS with eZee will render several advantages to hoteliers:

● Manage real-time inventory and rates on distribution channels;

● Streamline business operations;

● Reduce overbookings and rate disparity issues

To this, eZee’s Chief Technology Officer Harshdeep Khatri commented, “Powerful technology integrations are something that the industry is in need of. And, having connectivity with WinHMS benefits both the organizations to deliver ultimate solutions to the hoteliers. This will further aid them to maintain a strong online presence across all distribution channels and stay up to date with their inventories in just a matter of seconds; ensuring no over or missed bookings.”

In a competitive industry where innovations are at a peak, eZee’s technology solutions have always fulfilled the industry’s needs; empowering maximum hoteliers worldwide. The company’s constant determination to assist the industry with its finest solutions and integrations enables them to take one step ahead and serve the industry in every possible way.

Being open to customizations and third-party integrations, eZee has been constantly hitting the bull’s eye with a clear agenda to become the first choice of the hospitality industry in terms of advanced technologies.

About eZee

Founded in 2006, eZee is one of the very few hospitality technology providers in the world to develop and offer end-to-end hotel and restaurant solutions. eZee also has its regional branch in Malaysia for many years, leading to its established presence in the APAC region. Recently acquired by Yanolja – the travel tech unicorn of South Korea which is endorsed by Booking Holdings (Booking.com, Agoda, Kayak) and Singaporean fund GIC Pte – eZee has a stronghold on R&D and is introducing innovations in its solutions to benefit the industry. Today, eZee is the #1 hotel tech provider in India and global Top 2 PMS provider, which is further solidified by 200+ partners and 22,000+ clients in 170+ countries across the globe. For more details, visit our corporate website today.

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