Forecast and Instrument Meteorologist — Penn State Meteorology and Atmospheric Science

Forecast and Instrument Meteorologist — Penn State Meteorology and Atmospheric Science

We currently have an opening for a Forecast and Instrument Meteorologist at Radiometrics Corporation.

Sep. 20, 2021 12:00 am

Forecast and Instrument Meteorologist:

Founded in 1986, Radiometrics Corporation has pioneered the development of ground- based, microwave radiometry instruments and applications. With more than 400 of our radiometers in operation worldwide, Radiometrics serves military, government, and private industry customers on every continent. Proven, patented designs ensure optimum long-term and reliable all-weather performance for research and operational applications.

In 2016, Radiometrics added the RAPTOR™ radar wind profilers to its product portfolio and become the exclusive distributor of Remtech Sodars, making Radiometrics the only company able to provide total profiler solutions. Long-term accuracy, reliability, and customer support are hallmarks of Radiometrics’ remote sensing solutions allowing unique access to critical boundary layer information. Additionally, through partnerships, Radiometrics is able to provide complete instrumentation, mesoscale modeling, and 24/7 forecast support packages termed the Launch Weather Decision Support System.


Radiometrics is looking for a qualified meteorologist with experience in operational forecasting to be trained on our proprietary instrumentation in support of space launch and recovery operations as well as personnel and resource protection. This role will be physically located near our client site in Texas in order to provide dedicated meteorology services and will act as an on-site representative for Radiometrics to assure operational optimization for all installed weather assets.


  • Deliver tailored operational forecast content consistently and accurately within rigid time constraints.
  • Evaluate data, issue written, graphical, and oral forecasts and alerts including hazardous weather advisories requested.
  • Produce forecasts and advisories for ground, construction and launch operations.
  • Develop knowledge of local climatology, equipment, and capabilities of installed instruments to support the facility operations and safety requirements.
  • Actively collaborate with other meteorologists and instrument technicians to assess performance and data quality of installed equipment.
  • Generate forecasts and weather alerts for disruptive weather events within the 0-24 hour forecast domain as weather conditions dictate.

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