‘French Spiderman’ Climbs Skyscraper Without Harness

‘French Spiderman’ Climbs Skyscraper Without Harness

French climber Alain Robert is known by an affectionate nickname that likens him to one of the world’s greatest super heroes. Known as ‘French Spiderman’, he is a legendary climber who has scaled the world’s tallest buildings.

He’s notorious for using very little gear. French Spiderman has been seen using a bag of chalk and climbing shoes. That’s all.

He’s been arrested many times because his climbs were usually illegal, but has used sponsors and permits to get climbs approved. That’s why it’s surprising to see him do what appears to be another unsanctioned climb.

It’ll even sound more surprising when you learn that French Spiderman is 59-years-old. Climbing a 613′ building at nearly 60 is pretty damn impressive!

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