Future energy smart city project in Vienna moves into next phase

Future energy smart city project in Vienna moves into next phase

The halfway point of the Aspern Smart City Research (ASCR) project in Vienna’s urban development zone of Aspern Seestadt has been reached, with the next ongoing stage focusing on applying the solution concepts tested in the first phase.


The project aims to point the way forward for energy in urban areas and is being undertaken by the City of Vienna (including Wien Energie, Wiener Netze, Wien 3420, and the Vienna Business Agency) and Siemens.


The first phase, which began in 2013, centered around establishing the necessary research infrastructure as the foundation for the collection of real-time data and the practical testing of solutions.


Future energy systems


The basic objective of ASCR is to develop market-oriented, scalable, and economical solutions for the future in urban areas and to make the energy system more efficient and more climate-friendly. The intent is to create workable solutions for residents, grid and building operators, and energy suppliers.


Seestadt is not a conventional urban expansion zone but a city-within-a-city fulfilling a diverse range of urban functions, a business hub creating up to 20,000 jobs and housing for more than 20,000 people, and a new centre for Vienna’s 22nd municipal district, the immediate surrounding area and the wider Centrope region.


Solutions rely on several technologies and are based on the seamless communication of buildings with their occupants, the smart grid – and the energy markets via aggregators – energy service providers, and trading platforms as well as the intelligent charging of electric and hybrid vehicles and the analysis of new approaches for providing thermal energy for decentralised heating and cooling.


“In order to develop a climate-neutral, sustainable economy and society, it will take new approaches and – as is now becoming evident – closer and closer cooperation between urban planners, energy providers, grid operators, the housing industry, property developers, and industry, said CEO of Siemens Austria, Wolfgang Hesoun. “We have found this here in parts of Seestadt Aspern, thanks in no small part to the support of the residents.

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