Girl On Jet Ski Hands Drink To Ballsy Paramotor Pilot

Girl On Jet Ski Hands Drink To Ballsy Paramotor Pilot

The internet is pushing people to do ridiculous things that have probably never been done before, and I feel like it’s my responsibility to share the ones that are downright cool.

Who would have thought that we would have a guy flying a paramotor rig receiving an in-flight beverage from a chick riding on the back of a jet ski? I know I wouldn’t have thought that was possible ten years ago, but this is the internet, and we don’t let fear of injury or loss of life stop us from doing ridiculous things.

In all seriousness, this is obviously extremely dangerous and the guy performing the stunt is an expert paramotor pilot that makes a living on his YouTube page. Don’t try this at home, but do enjoy from the comfort of your home… 😂

I’ve started the video leading up to the jet ski to paramotor beverage transfer.

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