Golf Business News – Wexham Park installs Inrange technology

Golf Business News – Wexham Park installs Inrange technology

Wexham Park Golf Centre in Buckinghamshire has installed Inrange Golf‘s innovative ball-tracking system as part of a major upgrade of the facility’s 32-bay driving range.

The Inrange system consists of radar sensors placed in and around a driving range that create a series of interlocking radar fields. Once calibrated, they can determine the origin of each ball – which bay it was hit from – and track its entire flight, no matter how long or short, in real time. The resulting data is relayed either to an in-bay touchscreen or via the cloud to the Inrange app on the player’s mobile device. 

Easily covering a range of 100 bays or more, the sensors can track dozens of balls hit simultaneously and provide detailed data on speed, trajectory, path, landing point and more, to within a yard. Unlike other ball-tracking systems, they are unaffected by ambient conditions such as light, rain, mist or sound. 

The different modes enable individual players or groups of players to hit and track their shots on touchscreen monitors, and through the app see and store all their performance data from a practice session. In addition, Inrange+ is a multiplayer experience which provides a whole new level of fun with interactive multi-player games for every skill level. 

Inrange has been installed at Wexham Park’s 24 indoor bays, while through the Inrange app can also be be used for the venue’s eight outdoor bays. Users simply download and open the app, choose their bay and all of their shots will appear on their smartphone and the data will be captured and stored for post-session review.  

“Wexham has built a strong reputation for being a welcoming and inclusive club. From families and beginners to avid and high-profile golfers, our facility is utilised across the board. We selected Inrange for this reason,” said Sharon Lowthian, General Manager of Wexham Park Golf Centre. “Their technology is appealing to players of all skill levels and the user interface adds a whole new level of fun to the driving range experience.”

She added: “This is an exciting time for the club as we invest in our facilities and future. Our hope is that by installing Inrange® we will grow the club’s reputation in the region and with the successful technology bring more revenue to our profit centres.”

In addition to Wexham Park, Inrange is been installed at a number of venues across the UK, including Greenwich Peninsula Driving Range in London, Riverside Family Golf Centre and Tonbridge Golf Centre in Kent, while other venues due to come online soon include Horton Park Golf Club, Bristol Golf Centre and Morpeth Family Golf Centre.

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