Great Bear Ski Valley in South Dakota Starts Construction of New Lift, Old Quad Chairs For Sale ($700)

Great Bear Ski Valley in South Dakota Starts Construction of New Lift, Old Quad Chairs For Sale ($700)

Great Bear Ski Valley in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is currently working on adding a new SkyTrac quad chairlift for next winter, as they have removed the old quad chairlift that had been there for the past forty years. It only took three weeks to remove the lift, and now the SkyTrac parts will be put in starting in June. The positioning of the lift will change a little bit to allow more space for lines and crowds around the base. The project is expected to be completed by October, very much ahead of the start of the 21-22 winter season.

In addition, Great Bear announced on their social media pages that they will be raffling off their old chairs. Entering into the raffle will cost $50, and if someone is selected as a winner, it will cost $700 to purchase the chair. These funds will be used for future expansion of the mountain. A unique feature of these lifts is the middle bar that separates the two seating sections, something that is rarely seen at modern ski areas.

Great Bear Ski Valley is only one of two active ski areas in the state of South Dakota, the other being Terry Peaks. It is located just outside of Sioux Falls, which has the biggest population in all of South Dakota and is just outside of their border with Minnesota. The ski area features fourteen trails, a terrain park, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing trails, along with a tubing hill. In the summer, there are multiple hiking trails to explore. Exciting times are ahead for this small ski hill in South Dakota.

p.s. clever to sell sections of the haul rope. fully expect this to be the new standard. well played:

“Also available for purchase are commemorative plaques showcasing a 12-inch section of the red chairlift’s wire rope! The plaques are available online for $75 each at while supplies last. Each plaque is 14 inches by 7 inches, and all funds will go toward future Great Bear development.”

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