Heal Disease, Flush Toxins, & Rejuvenate

Heal Disease, Flush Toxins, & Rejuvenate

choc-pudThis gut-healing and whole-body detox protocol utilizes a number of key substances and processes to heal a wide variety of diseases, flush out toxins and take your health to the next level of vibrancy. It’s a protocol that builds upon the Raw Milk Cure, which I have blogged about in the past.

I’m going to give you the Full version of the protocol first, but for those of you who want something easier, I’ll give you the Easy version of reduced duration, at the end.

*Important: If you currently have intestinal bleeding, then I don’t think you should follow this protocol as the detox component may be too harsh on your system and trigger a flare. Alternatively, you could do only Step 1, 2 & 4 but leave out Step 3.

The four steps of the protocol combine:

  • the benefits of an elemental diet
  • a raw juice nutrient infusion and detox
  • specific herbs to support the endocrine system and major organs of detoxification and circulation.


Have your toxin levels tested using a urine and/or hair analysis. In addition, get whatever tests done that you can – anything pertinent to your body (or illness) that will help you measure your progress when you get the same tests done at the end of this healing protocol. Some suggestions: hormone levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, hemoglobin, vitamin D, calcium, etc.

STEP ONE: Anti-Pathogen Protocol (4 weeks)

If you have already been on Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol (as outlined in Listen To Your Gut and a number of my books) for two weeks or longer, you can skip STEP ONE.

If not, you need to follow the protocol listed below, for a total of four weeks to clear any gut pathogens, infection in your body, Candida overgrowth, etc.

The four week schedule below includes a one-week ramp-up and a one-week weaning off period. The wild oregano oil dosage consists of 5 drops, or 1 capsule of Joy Of The Mountains or North American Herb & Spice wild oregano oil – you can use either, but I personally prefer the drops.

The probiotic dosage consists of 1 teaspoon of each Natren powder (Megadophilus, Bifido Factor & Digesta-Lac – dairybased if tolerated, otherwise non-dairy is fine) mixed together in 6-8 ounces of room temperature filtered or spring water. OR if you tend towards constipation, use 1 Natren Healthy Trinity capsule per day. If you are having less than 3 bowel movements per day, you can use whichever version you wish (Healthy Trinity OR powders). All these products are available at the LTYG Shoppe.

Anti-Pathogen Protocol

Day 1 & 2: Five drops of wild oregano oil, 1x/day. Natren probiotics 1x/before bed on an empty stomach
Day 3 & 4: Five drops of wild oregano oil, 2x/day. Natren probiotics 1x/before bed on an empty stomach
Day 5, 6, 7: Five drops of wild oregano oil, 3x/day. Natren probiotics 1x/before bed on an empty stomach
Week 2 & 3: Ten drops of wild oregano oil, 3-5x/day. Natren probiotics 1x/before bed on an empty stomach. *If you suspect you have a severe Candida or mycobacterium infection, then take the wild oregano oil five times per day. Otherwise, three times per day should be sufficient.

*Note: If you get too strong a detox (Herxheimer Reaction) from the wild oregano oil, then you have two choices:

1) Cut back on the dosage and take longer to ramp up to the full Week 2 & 3 dosage,
2) Push through it and just spend extra time resting.

Day 22, 23, 24: Five drops of wild oregano oil, 3x/day. Natren probiotics 1x/before bed on an empty stomach
Day 25 & 26: Five drops of wild oregano oil, 2x/day. Natren probiotics 2x/day, once in the morning and once before bed on an empty stomach
Day 27 & 28: Five drops of wild oregano oil, 1x/day. Natren probiotics 2x/day, once in the morning and once before bed on an empty stomach

STEP TWO: The Raw Milk Cure (3-6 weeks)

During this phase of the protocol, fresh, raw milk, from pasture-fed cows, goats, sheep, or camels will be your sole food source. This provides a semi-elemental diet of the highest nutrients, live digestive enzymes and good bacteria, whilst facilitating clearing of food allergies, healing of the gut mucosal lining, teeth and bone healing and strengthening, blood rejuvenation, increase in blood volume and circulation, and further flushing of toxins from your body.

Even better, it’s much cheaper than using a manufactured elemental diet product (like Absorb Plus), so price is not an issue in this healing protocol. Although, in all fairness, Absorb Plus is more elemental (pre-digested) than raw milk, so highly sensitive individuals (or those allergic to casein in cow’s milk) may get better results from using Absorb Plus. Again, testing is the only way to find out which suits your system better. But know that, if you prefer, you can use Absorb Plus or Absorb Plus Vegan during this phase instead of raw, pasture-fed milk.

You can supplement with additional Natren probiotics during this phase, if you wish, but hopefully there will be sufficient good bacteria in the raw milk so that you don’t have to. Remember to be prepared for the Herxheimer Reaction during this phase as well, since raw milk contains many species of beneficial bacteria that you’re likely lacking. *If you have chosen to use elemental shakes instead of raw milk, then you definitely need to continue supplementing with Natren probiotics.

*Note: Detoxification (Herxheimer) reactions can include: headaches, dizziness, nausea, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea, gas, bloating, skin eruptions, rashes, bad breath, etc. These are all signs that:

1) pathogenic organisms are dying and releasing their toxic byproducts and your body wants to clear the dead organisms and their toxins as quickly as possible and

2) toxins of all kinds – from chemicals to pesticides to drug residues, etc. are being flushed from your body through your skin, urine, and feces.

Duration: If your disease is not active, then 3 weeks on this diet should be sufficient. If your disease (whatever that disease may be, since the Raw Milk Cure works for just about everything other than cancer) is severe or active, then you’ll need to do the full six weeks. For moderate conditions, do the diet for 4-5 weeks.

Diseases that have been healed during clinical trials (minimum 4 week duration) of the Raw Milk Cure include: colitis, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, high cholesterol, periodontal disease, asthma, allergies, etc.

To accomplish all the healing goals of the Raw Milk Cure, four points are absolutely crucial:

choc-pud1. Raw, fresh milk must be used, from pasture-fed cows, goats, sheep or camels only. Spring is the best time to go on a raw milk diet because grazing animals are eating the new high-vitamin spring grass and are outside all day getting lots of fresh air and sunshine (vitamin D). For a supplier of pasture-fed raw milk in your area or country, go to: www.realmilk.com

2. You must consume a sufficient volume of raw milk daily. You can drink as much raw milk each day as you wish, but you must consume a minimum of 4 quarts of raw milk per day (4 cups = 1 quart). If you are taller than 5’9”, then you should increase this amount by at least 2 cups (or 1/2 quart) per day, per inch of additional height. You can consume up to 10 quarts daily, if you wish, if you need it, if you are underweight, etc. Milk can be drunk often throughout the day, or you can drink it only 3 times/day (breakfast, lunch, supper) – it’s your choice, do whatever makes you feel best.

3. You must consume nothing other than raw milk and the allowable beverages given below. If you consume just one bite of other food, even one cracker, you have broken the benefits of the elemental mechanism of the raw milk diet and you will not see the same results. All of the medical doctors in the 1920’s who utilized raw milk diets extensively, were crystal clear and very strict on this point. If you do break the diet by eating or drinking anything else (even one mouthful), then you need to start all over again at the beginning of Step 2 and go the entire duration without interruption.

4. You must get adequate rest. Depending on your level of illness, you may need to rest extensively during this period (and perhaps even during Step 3 below). Remember that rootlevel healing and detoxification take a lot of energy. So be especially tuned into your body during this time and make sure you give it the extra rest it needs. If you’re very ill, this will involve taking weeks off work, or switching to part-time for six weeks, or not going to school, etc. If you’re doing fairly well, this may mean you only need to take a nap during the day, or lie down and rest for an extra hour or two per day. The amount of rest needed will be different for everyone. So it’s crucial that you listen to your body. Again, all of the medical doctors who used the Raw Milk Cure to heal diseases, specified almost complete bed rest for serious illnesses. Otherwise, people would not see the desired results.

IMPORTANT: If you are using raw cow’s milk for the diet, then you may need to supplement with extra magnesium citrate. Raw cow’s milk contains a lot of calcium, which can be constipating. So if this occurs, then just add extra magnesium citrate to bowel tolerance. Make sure you’re having at least one bowel movement per day. You can also take extra Vitamin C in ascorbic acid form to encourage bowel movements – or take both!

Allowable beverages:

  • Spring or filtered water
  • Clear herbal teas
  • Highly Recommended: make a tea from equal parts stinging nettle and elderberries (or huckleberries). Drink this two times per day. You can order the herbs from: Mountain Rose Herbs and they have full instructions on their website for how to prepare the tea. Simple instructions for making one cup of tea are:
    • Put one teaspoon of stinging nettles and one teaspoon of elderberries or huckleberries in a loose tea holder (a ball or a hanging basket) and add 8 ounces of boiling water. Cover and let sit for 3-5 minutes, remove herbs and drink. Obviously, if you’re making a large mug of tea, then double the herbs. You can add stevia to sweeten if you need to, but nothing else.

High Vitamin Butter Oil & Cod Liver Oil (optional)

If you suffer from bone problems, teeth or gum problems, then you may want to also consume 1 teaspoon of high vitamin butter oil (very high in vitamin K2 – available at specialty online stores) and/or 1 teaspoon of cod liver oil (or 4 capsules – chew and then spit out the gelcaps) per day, during the diet as well.

STEP 3: Raw Juices, Supplements & Infrared Sauna (3 weeks)

As you come to the end of your Raw Milk Cure (as outlined in Step 2 above) it’s time to add raw juices to provide vital plant-source nutrients, sterols and phytochemicals. We will also add some supplements and infrared sauna sessions to improve your endocrine system and organs of detoxification.

As you implement this step, you have a choice:

1) You can stay on just raw milk (Step 2) as your primary food source for the entire three weeks and simply add the juices and supplements to your existing regime, or

2) You can add the raw juices and supplements to your raw milk intake, and then after 3 – 7 days, begin Step 4 below. This means that you can start introducing regular foods after 3 – 7 days of Step 3 and gradually reduce your raw milk intake as your intake of other foods increases. If you want the highest level of detoxification and cleansing, then follow option #1.

Daily Raw Juices

choc-pudIf you don’t have a high quality juicer that preserves the live enzymes in the juice, then you need to purchase one. Recommended juicers include Green Star and Omega. It’s great if you can get your whole family drinking these juice blends since they will only benefit. If you’re squeamish about drinking vegetable juices, then add some extra apples and/or sweet oranges to each blend as that will make it more fruity and palatable.

Try to drink one serving (each recipe makes 8-12 ounces of juice) of each blend, per day. So in the morning, you would drink Juice Blend #1. In the afternoon, drink Juice Blend #2 and in the evening, make and drink Juice Blend #3.

If that’s too much work for you, then the shortcut would be to make up one large batch of one juice blend (triple the recipe) and drink that three times a day. Then, on the next day, make up a large batch of the next juice blend and drink just that blend three times per day, and so on.

Or, you can make all of the different juice blends at one go (in the morning) and store in the fridge to drink later. If you do this though, you have to purchase a juicer that ensures the enzymes are kept live in the juice for 12-24 hours (store in an airtight container). Otherwise, you have to juice the veggies fresh, right before you drink them.

Shopping List: carrots, kale, spinach, apples, oranges, beets, celery, parsley and fennel (all certified organic). These recipes are surprisingly delicious, even my kids like them.

Juice Blend #1 – Go Green:choc-pud
Handful of parsley
2 kale leaves
Handful of spinach
2 apples (cut into wedges)

Juice Blend #2 – Liver Tonic:
2 kale leaves
1 stalk of celery
1 beet
2 carrots
2 apples

Juice Blend #3 – Hormone Helper:
1 small fennel
2 stalks of celery
1 orange (peeled and seeded)
2 apples (cut into wedges)

Juicing Guidelines: Wash all items before juicing. Put leaves through first, roll or bunch them up, then use a carrot or apple wedge to help push them through. Always save something hard (carrot, apple, beet) for the last items to juice as they will make sure everything preceding has been juiced thoroughly.

Daily Supplements:

During this phase, you also need to take the following supplements:

In some hot water or herbal tea in the morning, add:

In the afternoon or evening, add to either 8 ounces of filtered water, or one of your juice blends:

Infrared Sauna:

To encourage cleansing and flushing of toxins stored in both the fat and in the blood, you will also need to do three sessions per week in an infrared sauna. Again, use the first week to ramp up:

Session One – 10 minutes

Session Two – 15 minutes

Session Three – 20 minutes

Thereafter, do 30 minutes per session, if that feels good to you. If it feels like too much, then do less. Follow each sauna with a shower (best if you have a chlorine filter on your showerhead) and rub your skin all over with a loofah sponge, body brush, or washcloth.

Most naturopathic clinics have infrared saunas that you can use, but of course you can also purchase your own, if you wish. I purchased my own a couple of years ago and my whole family loves it – really helps us get through the winter feeling great. Either way, check to make sure the sauna possesses the following specifications:

  • Ceramic heating element
  • Glass windows – not plastic
  • Solid wood only – there is some debate over whether cedar is a good idea or not due to the terpines (volatile oils) released during heating. Some say this is harmful to the lungs, others say it is beneficial.
  • Low EMF/EMR radiation levels

STEP 4: Food Reintroduction

When you come to the end of Step 3, you start reintroducing solid foods (use the Food Reintroduction Chart, at the end of the post). To screen for food allergies and intolerances (many of which may be healed at this point) introduce 1 – 2 new foods per day and work through the chart methodically. For example, start with column A in Phase 1, when you’ve introduced all you wish/like from that column, move to column B, etc.

Otherwise, just use the Chart as a general guide as you gradually add more solid foods to your diet and gradually reduce your raw milk intake. Keep going until you are completely back on solid foods. Although of course, you can always consume raw milk as part of your daily nutrient intake.

*The Easy Version of this Protocol:

If the above protocol seems too difficult for you, then here’s a modified version that will still bring you good results:

  • Step 1 – 2 weeks on Jini’s Anti-Pathogen Protocol
  • Step 2 – 3 weeks on the Raw Milk Cure
  • Step 3 – Food reintroduction, infrared sauna treatments 3x/week, and 30 drops each of liver and adrenal tinctures together in hot herbal tea 1-2x/day


At this stage, you can keep drinking as much raw juice and raw milk as you wish for the rest of your life as both these are very healthy, raw, high nutrient foods. At the minimum, for ongoing health benefits and maintenance I recommend you consume raw yoghurt once per day and raw juice once per day. This will give you a good influx of digestive enzymes, probiotics, vitamins and minerals – from natural foods rather than supplements, which is our goal.

When you get to the end of this healing protocol, I will be thrilled to know how you did, how it went, and what your thoughts, feelings, and results were. Even if you had to skip some steps, or rush some steps, I want to know that too. Feel free to comment below, email us at [email protected], or join our private LTYG Facebook group to share your thoughts.

Please do share your results, feedback, ideas and suggestions, so that I can refine the protocol further and my thousands of other readers can benefit from your experience and feedback. Prior to reporting your results, you also need to repeat whatever testing you had done before you started this healing protocol, so that you also have that evidence of your progress. Whether you did the urine test and/or other tests by your regular doctor, I definitely want to know the before and after markers for these too.

Isn’t this exciting? Let’s get started… And remember, if you have any questions or run into any glitches, please reach out in any of the ways I mentioned above.

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