Hey, another country is forcing an international sporting event down its citizens’ throats

Hey, another country is forcing an international sporting event down its citizens’ throats

Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro
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Only 29 percent of the people in Brazil want the country to host Copa America, with 64 percent opposed, but that’s what’s happening anyway, even with 2,000 deaths a day from COVID-19 in Brazil, even with 65,000 new daily cases of coronavirus, even after a dozen members of Venezuela’s contingent tested positive.

As Al Jazeera reported, “Many Brazilians blame far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, a COVID-19 sceptic who has rejected public health measures to stem the virus’s spread, for the surging pandemic — and they had urged Copa America be postponed.”

That sounds all too familiar, and all too tragic, because continuing this tournament is an invitation to more death.

Bolsonaro having what amounts to murder on his hands is nothing new. CONMEBOL, however, should be better than this, and call off the tournament before it kicks off on Sunday with the hosts taking on virus-ravaged Venezuela.

Nets accelerate heel turn

The suspension of the Nets security official, who also happens to be Kevin Durant’s security guy, after that official shoved P.J. Tucker during Game 3 of the Brooklyn-Milwaukee series is funny in the way that it resembled a wrestler’s valet getting banned from ringside for the next match.

Having argued the other day that this year’s NBA playoffs are lacking for heels, this is much appreciated, and bravo to the Nets for embracing this role. Durant, in particular, is great at playing it, and yeah, when he’s healthy, “Hollywood” Harden might as well be the third man, and… is this just an excuse to show Hulk Hogan’s heel turn?

Yes. It continues to age incredibly weirdly, the longer that time marches on and the human paraquat Hogan turned out to be in real life and remains to this day.

Leiter leads Vandy to College World Series

Vanderbilt advanced to the College World Series with a 4-1 victory over East Carolina, sweeping the super regional in Nashville.

As usual, possible top MLB draft pick Jack Leiter was dominant, striking out 10 while allowing only one run on two hits over seven innings. Also, you do not want to step in the box against him.

Stanford will be joining Vanderbilt in Omaha after the Cardinal routed host Texas Tech, 9-0, to complete a sweep. In the day’s biggest surprise, unseeded N.C. State — after losing the opener, 21-2 — edged Arkansas, 6-5, to force a decisive third game.

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