How Ski Filmmakers Made a ‘Tenet’ Inspired Ski Movie

How Ski Filmmakers Made a ‘Tenet’ Inspired Ski Movie

Tenet is a movie that will be talked about for generations as the most confusingly interesting (I hope that phrasing makes sense) movie to ever be made.

Nobody who watches it understands 100% of it (even if they tell you that they do), yet the idea of moving backwards through time is so tantalizing it keeps people talking about the movie.

Well, filmmakers ‘Real Skifi‘ made a Tenet inspired ski movie that involves some tricky camera work, editing, and a hell of a lot of planning.

If you haven’t seen their movie click here before watching the ‘how it was made’ movie below.

Make sure to turn on the English captions by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of the player.

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