How the pandemic has shaped driver and pedestrian behavior

How the pandemic has shaped driver and pedestrian behavior

The 2020 numbers on driver and pedestrian activity are in.

By now, it’s well documented that as U.S. cities adjusted to social distancing measures and stay-at-home orders, the pandemic year saw fewer drivers on the road and greatly reduced congestion. The upshot was that motorists still on the roads traveled at higher average speeds, and crashes and fatalities soared, according to reports.

Ideas to mitigate risks have included making advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) standard in vehicles, along with adding vehicle to everything (V2X) technology. Some states are poised to develop speed management pilot programs, while communities may also consider not just lowering speed limits but redesigning streets entirely.

An overnight fix is impossible, especially considering that last year’s results are part of a longer trend. One report said the amount of people struck and killed by drivers rose 45% nationwide over the past decade.

Read on for Smart Cities Dive’s detailed coverage of 2020 data reports.

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