Hurricane Harbor: Quiet Weekend in Tropics

Hurricane Harbor: Quiet Weekend in Tropics


Biscayne Bay

Nothing to talk about Friday morning. Well I could mention the strong breeze from Biscayne Bay in Miami and a chop out on the the water courtesy of the High Pressure. Why mention it? Because what is delivering fresh ocean air and a beautiful breeze could deliver hurricanes in August if this keeps up. 

A pretty sunrise  a busy day  

NHC made an Invest and dropped it completely in less than 24 hours 🤷🏻‍♀️ So enjoy the quiet it won’t last long

Have a nice weekend  I’m visiting kids, eating too much but enjoying the daily feasts  I’ll update Sunday perhaps by then there will be something to talk about  

Bests BobbiStorm

Guava Challah for Shabbos in Miami  

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