Hurricane Harbor: Still Watching the Caribbean

Hurricane Harbor: Still Watching the Caribbean

Still watching the SW Caribbean. 

Quick note before going into the weekend. Any other year we’d be watching carefully something in the Caribbean, but we are mostly watching models that are hinting at something forming. We are talking very long range models for early in November and they flip flop around on track and intensity. And, until there’s some consistency on evolution of any named system I’m not saying more. 

Any other year I’d see this and think “oh wow” but not this year. And, why? La Nina is here and other factors are positive and personally I do think this has to do with the Volcano. Why? Note the Mimic image below, all the other tropical regions are orange red and juicy but not the Atlantic.

From the coast of Africa to South America it’s dry….

… so thank the volcano for that one.

Needs more studying but everyone is asking the same thing…

…why is it so quiet?

Enjoy the quiet and have a great weekend,

Besos BobbiStorm

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