Hurricane Season 2021 Begins! Bit of a Blob in the Bahamas, a Wave Leaves Africa and the Season is ON!

Hurricane Season 2021 Begins! Bit of a Blob in the Bahamas, a Wave Leaves Africa and the Season is ON!


It’s been very humid here the last few days.

Sunrise was obscured by a cloud bank.

Sunset was obscured by a cloud bank.

Just off shore the radar had an odd twist to it.

Radar shows constant activity out there.

Officially nothing is expected to form.

There’s two things I want to draw your attention to…

… one the bit of the blob off of Florida.

Secondly the wave off of Africa.

The reason I mention the bit of the blob is I’m not expecting anything to form but nasty weather has a way of popping up close in this year and taking everyone by surprise. Either way the rainy season has arrived in Miami and there is nasty weather hanging out offshore. And, early tropical waves depart Africa a bit too low to really develop as models implicate possible long range attempts at development. As always stay tuned!

Nothing is happening yet but…..

…the players are showing up on stage.

It’s a process. 

I’ll talk more on this tomorrow.

I thought this graphic was a good one to use.

Do you have a generator?

19% is pretty high I thought.

Perhaps that includes businesses?

Do you have water put away?

Access to vital financial information?

That’s important.

Are you ready?

Good question.

Because it starts in 40 minutes!

As for me I’m in Miami as I type this and hours away from the beginning of the 2021 Hurricane Season. I’ll be at a wedding Tuesday evening for my best friend’s so ushering in the season together. Over the years we’ve chased severe weather and spend hurricanes together. Kind of a impressive way to start the hurricane season for me personally. I also have been visiting family that I have not seen in 18 months due to the pandemic so forgive me from being a bit missing in action from hurricane discussion building up to the official start of the season.

Will Miami get a visit from a hurricane this year? That’s what everyone keeps asking me and I tell them what I tell you in that it is possible but not totally something you can predict. The reason I am concerned this year is that several of my closest forecasting friends have all drawn potential maps with Florida in the cross hairs this year. Florida does stick out into the Caribbean as if it’s screaming “hit me with your best shot Mother Nature” and sometimes it gets hit and some times as with Hurricane Dorian it gets extremely lucky.

Get a plan. Put your financial matters in order or at least know who to contact when for what should a hurricane take aim at your town for landfall. Do you know the routes out of town and the best motels to stay in or the nearest hurricane shelter. Did you know some shelters make you pre-register and if you don’t do so you may not have a space there when you need to evacuate. Now really is the time to get your act together versus panicking at the last minute and being stuck in traffic out of Florida finding yourself without gas or a place to stay. You may wish you can wish it away but you can’t so the next best thing is knowing your options!

Either way I’ll be blogging daily and I’ll be on Twitter off and on all day. 

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever.

With prayers that you and your loved ones get through hurricane season safely!

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