I Work at a Big Department Store—My Team Loves These Trends

I Work at a Big Department Store—My Team Loves These Trends

Learning about style and trends from different sartorial perspectives is always intriguing. One industry insider who is quite inspiring is Arielle Siboni, RTW fashion director at Bloomingdale’s. Her insights are always spot-on given that it’s her actual job to lead style direction at one of the biggest department stores out there. On that note, we wanted to hear about some of the current trends that she and her team all unanimously love at the moment.

“Summer is always my favorite season, and I love that we all finally have a reason to get excited about getting dressed again,” Siboni said. “We’re going to see people embrace more of a maximalist approach, especially with the return of social plans and events.” The trends in question are all forward yet highly versatile and fun.

Keep scrolling to check out a smattering of top-notch trends that could really pique your interest, complete with tips from Siboni. You’ll also uncover styling inspiration and a range of shopping picks if you are, in fact, looking to add something fresh into your wardrobe.

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