‘If Roger Federer disagreed with me he would disagree but…’, says top coach

‘If Roger Federer disagreed with me he would disagree but…’, says top coach

'If Roger Federer disagreed with me he would disagree but...', says top coach

Many have been the opinions raised by the presence of Roger Federer at the next edition of Roland Garros. The Swiss tennis player has already confirmed his participation in the Grand Slam on brick dust, and although in the first instance, he will not start as one of the main favorites for the title, with Federer nothing can never be taken for granted.

Former American tennis player Patrick McEnroe commented that “I don’t think Federer will go to the French Open thinking that he could win it. But he is still a threat to win a big tournament. I never underestimate greatness and he is one of the greatest, if not the GOAT”.

“On hard courts, there are a good number of players who can bother him; while he’s on the grass, especially at Wimbledon, there aren’t many guys who have the tools to beat him. But on clay it is very different ”, added the North American.

McEnroe also spoke about the other two members of the ‘Big-3’ and his options at Roland Garros: “The more time Rafa spends on clay, the better he gets and the more devastating he is. Federer and Djokovic will beat you up.

But not in the same way that Rafa physically punishes you on clay.” It is expected that all three will say present at the Parisian Grand Slam, where Nadal will undoubtedly come out, for a change, as the wide favorite to get the title, once again.

After his coaching stint with Roger Federer, Paul Annacone coached a few prominent names on Tour. His current pupil is American rising star, Taylor Fritz. He compared Taylor’s stubbornness to that of Federer’s and Sampras’.

He coached the 14-time Grand Slam champion, Pete Sampras, for the longest time.

Paul Annacone on working with Roger Federer

“Yes, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer were stubborn in a very different way. Ironically, it was easier for me to convince Roger and Pete to do things at times than Taylor, but they were older and more mature when I was with them and Taylor is still a kid” – Paul Annacone explained.

The 58-year-old added, “If Pete disagreed with me he would disagree, but I didn’t need to have a law degree to convince him of what if I gave him the facts he would just shift and Roger was the same. Taylor, sometimes I feel like I got to go to law school to figure out how I can convince him that I’m right but again that can be a strength. It’s a matter of him just tweaking that valve a little bit”.

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