Ignorant Family Gets Way Too Close To Elk Herd

Ignorant Family Gets Way Too Close To Elk Herd

I had to watch this video a few times to fully understand what was going down. I’ll do my best to provide some context from what I’ve gathered.

It appears that a family of three got within feet of an elk herd at a national park and had to be escorted by park rangers to safety. They clearly ignored the big red sign that reads ‘STAY BACK- Keep 25 Meters-75 Feet From Animals’ and put themselves in danger.

I’m assuming this incident happened somewhere in Canada considering the sign lists a distance in meters? Either way, this family was putting themselves in serious danger by approaching a bull elk and accompanying herd.

The video was posted in October which would also mean that the bull elks are in rut. It’s never advisable to approach an elk, but especially this time of year.

I’m glad everybody got away safely. This could have ended very differently if the park rangers hadn’t intervened.

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