Ignorant Tourists Bathe Dogs In Thermal Water at Yellowstone

Ignorant Tourists Bathe Dogs In Thermal Water at Yellowstone

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Another day, another video of ignorant tourists doing ignorant things in Yellowstone National Park.

This couple is in hot water for bathing their dogs in thermal water at Yellowstone. This is illegal, and very dangerous. Yellowstone National Park prohibits any guests from leaving boardwalk paths in thermal areas, and from bathing in hot springs.

Yellowstone claims that hot springs injure or kill more people than any other feature within the park. I’m assuming they didn’t know that they were breaking park rules when they did this, but they should definitely have read up on park safety before their trip.

Bathing your dogs in thermal water just simply isn’t a smart thing to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if these people are identified and charged with federal crimes for their act.

This video was filmed at Firehole Lake Dr. according to uploader. Based on that, this couple is probably bathing in part of Tangled Creek which is surrounded by geysers.

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