I’m a Fashion Director—These 5 Timeless Trends Never Tire

I’m a Fashion Director—These 5 Timeless Trends Never Tire

Don’t get me wrong—I love new trends more than the next girl, but lately, I’ve been craving a more well-rounded wardrobe, and constantly buying into trend after trend wasn’t getting me anywhere. While I knew the answer to my problem was to start investing in quality basics, I wasn’t quite ready to part ways with my trend obsession quite yet, which is why I reached out to Shopbop’s fashion director, Caroline Maguire, for her take on the matter. She so kindly pointed me in the direction of trends that, over the course of her 13 years as a fashion director, she claims never tire. An exciting garment that still packs a punch? I was all ears. 

Ahead, you will get to read up on the five timeless trends Maguire always comes back to as a fashion director. From bucket bags to voluminous dresses, her advice makes so much sense, and her shopping picks for each timeless trend are even better—I promise. 

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