Is Danny MacAskill The Best Freestyle MTB Rider In The World?

Is Danny MacAskill The Best Freestyle MTB Rider In The World?

Chris Kovarik

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I’m slowly learning more about the mountain biking community so I’m legitimately asking if Danny MacAskill is the best freestyle MTB rider in the world? I mean, from my novice view, he practically looks like he was born with his feet on the pedals, and I haven’t seen anybody better to date.

There are a few athletes that looks like they were meant to compete in their respective sports, and Danny MacAskill is certainly one of them. Watching him pull off all kinds of innovative tricks is a true treat. He looks so comfortable, and the bike actually looks to be part of his body with how much control he has over it.

It kind of reminds me of watching Candide fly down the slopes of La Clusaz in ‘One of Those Days’ or watching Shaun White dominate pipe competitions for the last decade plus.

MacAskill is simply unmatched, and his submission for X Games Real MTB 2021 is all the proof you need. I still have no idea how he didn’t win the competition, but again I’m not an expert on the subject.

I’m just pretty good at watching a video and making a knee-jerk reaction at how sick something is. Basically if your video makes me say, “Holy shit that was awesome.” more than 3 times than I consider it amazing. Don’t ask me how I came up with that method, because I honestly couldn’t tell you. I’m just taking life day by day over here.

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