Iwan Suastika’s Reflection In Period is A Colourful Exhibition

Iwan Suastika’s Reflection In Period is A Colourful Exhibition

Iwan Suastika owl
Image: Iwan Suastika

Kiniko Art Room has launched Reflection in Period, the highly anticipated solo exhibition by renowned Indonesian artist Iwan Suastika.

In this series, Iwan conveys and gives form to the complex and weighted sense of being, while providing a lens into the exploration of new experiences. This exhibition shows how the artist’s artwork acts as a springboard into new experiences as well as a bridge for introspective reflection.

Iwan Suastika tiger
Image: Iwan Suastika

Viewers will also experience the vibrance and uniqueness in each of Iwan’s artwork in this exhibition. The artist admits that he puts his personal attachments into each of his paintings, expressing various emotions and experiences. Iwan incorporates idioms, symbols and metaphors into his paintings — important devices for him to channel the uncanny around the characters in his works.

Iwan Suastika queen
Image: Iwan Suastika

In Reflection in Period, Iwan’s artworks aim to embody his milestones that are current yet familiar to the upcoming possibilities that have yet to arise.

Iwan Suastika exhibition poster
Image: Iwan Suastika

The exhibition will be held on July 25 – August 8, 2021 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is open to the public.

Contact info:

Iwan Suastika is contactable via Instagram and [email protected].

Kiniko which provides Iwan Suastika a platform for his solo exhibition, is contactable via Instagram and [email protected].

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