Jacopo Vecchi Fossa won Abruzzo Alps Open

Jacopo Vecchi Fossa won Abruzzo Alps Open

Jacopo Vecchi Fossa won Abruzzo Alps Open

In Miglianico (Chieti) Jacopo Vecchi Fossa after the National Open Championship won the Abruzzo Alps Open with 198 (66 64 68, -15) strokes. Two out of two. After the first, the 26-year-old from Reggio Emilia has also made his second stage of the Italian Pro Tour 2021, the national and international competition circuit of the Italian Golf Federation, also included in the Alps Tour calendar.

Jacopo Vecchi Fossa, Abruzzo Alps Open

For Italgolf it is the first professional success of 2021 in the international field. Full loot for Vecchi Fossa who with a total of 9,275.00 points flies to the top of the ranking in the order of merit of the Alps Tour, the third European circuit, bypassing Matteo Manassero (absent in Miglianico), now 3 / o (with 8,088 .75 points) behind the Scottish Ryan Lumsden, second in the money list with 8.194.00.

But in Miglianico there are six blues in the Top 10 of the Abruzzo Alps Open. With Vecchi Fossa – who clearly overtook the French David Revetto and Pierre Pineau, both second with 201 (-12) – also Edoardo Giletta, 4 / o with 202 (-11).

And again: Luca Cianchetti, Andrea Saracino and Gregorio De Leo (best Italian amateur of the tournament), all 7 / i with 203 (-10) in front of the amateur Riccardo Bregoli, 10 / o with 204 (-9). For Vecchi Fossa it is the fifth success in his professional career.

And the success at Miglianico also brought him 5,800 euros against a total prize money of 40,000. It’s called the “Player Impact Program” and is the PGA Tour’s answer to the Premier Golf League (PGL) which, from 2022, aims to propose a new green circuit between pharaonic prize pools and big ambitions.

The top American men’s circuit has created a project aimed at premiere the stars that bring benefits to golf and to the organization including the involvement of fans and sponsors. On the pot 40 million dollars distributed among 10 players, 8 of which will go to the champion who will have brought more results beyond the field.

The chosen ones will be determined based on their “impact score”, a spokesperson for the PGA Tour tells Golfweek. With the US organization that has already distributed to players the metrics by which they will be ranked.

“Their popularity in google searches” and through social networks will also be fundamental. The PGA Tour will use an algorithm to determine the final scores and to benefit, among others, could be champions, needless to say, like Tiger Woods. But also Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler, a phenomenon of popularity but in great crisis of results on the field.

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